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VCalm® Traffic Calming Signs

VCalm® Traffic Calming Signs by Fortel Traffic, Inc. include our signature Variable Message Signs (VMS) and more in various sizes.

VCalm® Intelligent Sensors Category

Intelligent Sensors

Intelligent Sensors distributed by Fortel Traffic, Inc. include ALPR software and other vehicle recognition products.

Interstate Traffic Sign

VCalm® Message Signs

VCalm® Message Signs by Fortel Traffic, Inc. are the most versatile message signs available, configurable as driver-feedback and/or changeable message signs (CMS)

VCalm® Flashing Beacons

VCalm® Road and Pedestrian Safety

VCalm® Road and Pedestrian Safety products are used in school zones, walking areas, intersections, and other areas where traffic must be slowed down, even during specific times of the day.

VCalm® Trailers

VCalm® Trailers

VCalm® Trailers offer versatility for transporting a powerful traffic calming speed feedback sign or message board and provides a simple way for a single operator to relocate the sign.

Interstate Traffic Sign

Pocket Radar™

Pocket Radar™ is a pocket-sized basic speed radar gun for use when measuring anything in motion for over 1 second.

Traffic Calming Applications

VCalm® products are proven to make roads safe, secure, and clean! Our vehicle calming products are designed to keep drivers aware and responsible on the road, protect pedestrians, and improve communities.

VCalm® speed feedback signs and related products can collect meaningful driver speed data as well as display custom messages for emergencies or other needs. With many options for sizes, features, data collection, and portability, VCalm® products ensure greater safety, security, and cleanliness no matter what your needs are!

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Installation and Maintenance

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Data Services

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VCalm®TM-LM18-R Medium Trailer with VCalm®LM18 Speed Feedback Sign and Rekor Sensor Integration (Orange)


We rent trailers and more.

We Also Distribute Poles!

Fortel Traffic, Inc. is a distributor of Valmont Structures poles. We carry standard pole models that can be mounted with VCalm® products for all kinds of traffic safety applications: ES7B RSP 2018 size 1A(6″ diameter) and Type 15 FSB (ES7J RSP 2018) poles at standard heights(7, 10, 13, 14, 15, and 16 feet). Contact us for more info!

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