About Fortel Traffic

Fortel Traffic, Inc. is one of the most innovative companies in the Traffic Industry. With state of the art products such as VCalm® a vehicle calming unit and VSpeed™Online Software for data collection and programming, Fortel stays ahead of the curve. Fortel Traffic’s main focus is on the safety of our streets.

The Founder and President, Mr. Emery B. Dyer, of Fortel Traffic is recognized as an expert in Traffic Safety. As an Engineer he is always looking for a better way to protect our children. Mr. Dyer’s record of unequalled commitment, his vision, and ethic is what puts Fortel Traffic at the forefront of this important industry.

Innovation Leadership

Fortel’s secret to being the most innovative traffic safety company is twofold:

  1. Customer Companionship: Many Fortel products have been created by direct request from current and potential customers. Fortel seizes nearly every opportunity to better its products by adding features consistent with customer needs.
  2. Creative Preparation: Fortel’s innovation team dedicates long hours of creativity and planning to pre-empt and prepare all basic product components for compatibility with future needs over 5 years in advance.

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