Pocket Radar

Pocket Radar™ is a pocket-sized basic speed radar gun for use when measuring anything in motion for over 1 second. You decide what to measure and when to accurately monitor the speeds of vehicles, radio controlled planes/cars, runners, and any other moving objects.

Note: Not intended for ball sports or compatible with the app


Neighborhood Street Safety

Discreetly measure the acceleration and deceleration of cars, vehicles, and bikes. Speed measuring device for concerned citizens interested in neighborhood safety.

Speed of Athletes

The Classic model is the preferred radar gun used to measure the acceleration and deceleration of athletes (animals included) running. See the peak speed for: running/sprinting, ice skating, bicycling, skiing, skateboarding, and many others* including winter sports.


Discover the top speeds of radio controlled cars, planes, boats, and many more.

Convenient Handheld Size

Pocket Radar™ easily fits all the best radar gun features in the palm of your hand. It’s pocket-sized, lightweight, and easy to store.

made in USA


Select Model:

Pocket Radar

Speed Range:

  • 7MPH to 375MPH (11KPH to 600KPH)
  • 10FPS to 550FPS (3MPS to 168MPS)


  • ±1MPH (±2KPH)
  • ±2FPS (±1MPS)

Measurement Range (Car): 0.5 Mile (0.8 Kilometer)

Weight: 4oz (Without Batteries)

Included Features:

  • Radar
  • Hard-Shell Case
  • Wrist Strap
  • Alkaline Batteries (x2)
  • Quick Start Guide

Warranty: 1 Year

UPC: 851766002018

Part Number: 8370-0001


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Speed Range:

  • 7MPH to 325MPH (11KPH to 523KPH)
  • 10FPS to 477FPS (3MPS to 145MPS)


  • ±1MPH (±2KPH)
  • ±2FPS (±1MPS)

Measurement Range (Car): 0.5 Mile (0.8 Kilometer)

Measurement Range (Motorcycle): 0.25 Mile (0.4 Kilometer)

Weight: 4oz (without batteries)

Included Features:

  • Radar
  • Calibrated Tuning Fork
  • Tuning Fork Certificate of Accuracy
  • Test Lab (IACP) Certificate of Accuracy
  • Factory Certificate of Accuracy
  • Soft-Shell Belt Holster Case
  • Alkaline Batteries (x2)
  • Manual

Warranty: 2 Years

UPC: 851766002056

Part Number: 8370-0002


Download Brochure


Includes Warranty

Accurate Speed Detection:

  • Vehicle
  • Train
  • Runner
  • Cycling

Units of Measure:

  • Miles Per Hour (MPH)
  • Kilometers Per Hour (KPH)
  • Meters Per Second (MPS)
  • Feet Per Second (FPS)

Measurement Modes:

  • Snapshot
  • Repeating (3/4s)

Recall Memory: 10

Power Options: AAA Batteries (x2)

Battery Life:

  • >10,000 Readings (High-Drain Alkaline Batteries—included)
  • >20,000 Readings (NiMH Rechargeable Batteries—not included)


Discounts available by order quantity:
Medium quantity (2-9)
Bulk quantity (10+)

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