VCalm®MAX is an automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) and vehicle recognition system that seamlessly captures and processes vehicle data. The system easily mounts to existing or new poles and connects to existing power or optional solar panels.


Ready to Deploy

VCalm®MAX configurations are ready to mount on an existing pole or a new pole with options to use existing photocell tap or power with a solar package. They also mount on flat surfaces and trailers. On-device processing provides real-time data updates and alerts.

Incredible Read Accuracy

  • Built with the best available hardware and packaged with incredibly accurate Scout software, these systems capture license plates that other companies miss.
  • Each unit has advanced detection for vehicle make, color, type, and direction and time of travel.
  • 24/7 sensors capture vehicle data day and night with motion detection video capture capability.

Intuitive Software

  • Scout dashboard makes managing real-time vehicle data easy with sort and search functions and the ability to configure allowed lists and restricted lists.
  • Software provides detailed vehicle counts, such as percentage of electric vehicles out of total vehicles.


Select Model:

VCalm® Rekor Edge Max


  • Power Supply
  • Wireless Modem
  • Terminal Block and Wire Harness
  • 120V / 240V Photocell Tap and Fuse

Power Source: 120V / 240V Photocell Tap

VCalm® Rekor Edge Max


  • Power Supply
  • Wireless Modem
  • Terminal Block and Wire Harness
  • Standard Solar Package

Power Source: Standard Solar Package

VCalm® Rekor Edge Max

Standalone Unit (Power Source and Mounting Components Not Included)

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Optimized IR Illumination


Rekor Scout™ Software Included


Ethernet Port




Full Repair / Replace Warranty

Capture Distance: 300 Feet

Lane Coverage: 3 - 4 Lanes

Capture Speed: 120 MPH

Camera Resolution: 1080p

Security: SSL & HTTPs

Video Streaming: H264

Enclosure: Die-Cast Aluminum, IP66

Operating Temperature: -22°F to 131°F

Storage Temperature: -40°F to 149°F

Power Consumption:

  • Average: 25W
  • Max: 30W

Wireless IP Modem:

Wireless Data Service:

Data Service Length:



Discounts available by order quantity:
Medium quantity (2-9)
Bulk quantity (10+)

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Application Concepts

VCalm®TM-LM18-R Medium Trailer with VCalm®LM18 Speed Feedback Sign and Rekor Sensor Integration (Orange)

Featured Product:

Medium Trailer with VCalm®LM18 and VCalm®PRO or VCalm®MAX

Fortel Traffic’s VCalm®TM-LM18-R is a versatile trailer with a traffic calming full-matrix speed sign and the ability to recognize license plates, identify vehicles, and more.

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