Traffic Advisor Radar™


Pocket-Sized Speed Radar Gun with Traffic Certifications

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Pocket Radar™ is a pocket-sized basic speed radar gun for use when measuring anything in motion for over 1 second. You decide what to measure and when to accurately monitor the speeds of vehicles, radio-controlled planes/cars, runners, and any other moving objects.

Note: Not intended for ball sports or compatible with the app

Speed Range:

  • 7MPH to 325MPH (11KPH to 523KPH)
  • 10FPS to 477FPS (3MPS to 145MPS)


  • ±1MPH (±2KPH)
  • ±2FPS (±1MPS)

Measurement Range (Car): 0.5 Mile (0.8 Kilometer)

Measurement Range (Motorcycle): 0.25 Mile (0.4 Kilometer)

Weight: 4oz (without batteries)

Included Features:

  • Radar
  • Calibrated Tuning Fork
  • Tuning Fork Certificate of Accuracy
  • Test Lab (IACP) Certificate of Accuracy
  • Factory Certificate of Accuracy
  • Soft-Shell Belt Holster Case
  • Alkaline Batteries (x2)
  • Manual

Warranty: 2 Years

Units of Measure:

  • Miles Per Hour (MPH)
  • Kilometers Per Hour (KPH)
  • Meters Per Second (MPS)
  • Feet Per Second (FPS)

Measurement Modes:

  • Snapshot
  • Repeating (3/4s)

Recall Memory: 10

Power Options: AAA Batteries (x2)

Battery Life:

  • >10,000 Readings (High-Drain Alkaline Batteries—included)
  • >20,000 Readings (NiMH Rechargeable Batteries—not included)

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