Work Zone Trailer

by Fortel Traffic, Inc.

Fortel Traffic’s VCalm®TWZ is a powerful traffic calming message board with the added versatility of a trailer that provides a simple way for a single operator to relocate the sign. VCalm®TWZ is a summation of the most important features and technology that meet the evolving needs of the traffic and construction safety industry.


Brightest Display

VCalm® utilizes high-volume high-intensity tightly clustered LEDs to maintain the highest visibility possible. This proven method of authoritative message presentation demands driver’s attention, making it the most effective traffic calming sign on the market.

Unrivaled Versatility

  • Custom Messaging based on unique road conditions, activities, or events
  • Multiple independently-scheduled vehicle speed thresholds can trigger any variation of messages and/or auxiliary devices: strobes, flashers, sirens, beacons, wireless alerts, etc.
  • Instant Critical Messaging allows you to quickly display a high priority message from a remote location (requires IP modem).

Lowest Power Consumption

VCalm® uses proprietary PWMS™ LED technology that consumes 50% less power than common LED devices. This provides exceptional autonomy for solar/battery installations.

Simplest Programming

  • MicroSD Card provides practically limitless data storage space (40 years of data per gigabyte) and makes programming and data retrieval simple and affordable. (SDHC compatible)
  • Modems, coupled with our automated online software, provide remote access to sign programming so changes can be made instantly.
  • VSpeed™Online is the ultimate management software that gives the ability to program signs, simulate functionality, analyze data, and deploy configuration changes through remote access or SD cards.

Strongest Construction

VCalm® maintains superior construction and durability with high quality components and no moving parts. The design meets the NEMA-3R specifications, and many of the VCalm® signs have withstood severe conditions, including hurricanes, fires, and extreme temperatures. VCalm® has consistently proven to be the longest lasting speed sign in the industry.

Easy and Accurate Reporting

  • Traffic Data Acquisition System (TDAS) collects the fastest and slowest speed for each vehicle. The software uses this data to calculate the percentage of slowing vehicles and prove the device’s effectiveness.
  • Accurate raw data collected by VCalm® can be used to construct limitless report formats and parameters for thorough data analysis.
VCalm®TWZ-L16 Work Zone Trailer Fold Down


Work Zone Trailer

VCalm®TWZ  is a compact, foldable trailer designed for work zones. It can be folded down to make it easy for a single operator to transport, set up, and adjust.

VCalm®TWZ-L16 Work Zone Trailer Fold Down
made in USA


Select Model:

Work Zone Trailer with VCalm®L16 Sign

VCalm®TWZ-L16 Work Zone Trailer (Orange)

Letters: 6″ MUTCD

Numerals: 16″(H)

Sign Dimensions: 27″(W) x 38″(H)

Sign Enclosure: 27″(W) x 23″(H) x 4.6″(D)

Raised Trailer Dimensions: 54″(W) x 84″(L) x 96″(H)

Lowered Trailer Dimensions: 54″(W) x 84″(L) x 64″(H)

Work Zone Trailer with VCalm®L18 Sign

VCalm®TWZ-L18 Work Zone Trailer (Orange)

Letters: 6″ MUTCD

Numerals: 18″(H)

Sign Dimensions: 30″(W) x 40″(H)

Sign Enclosure: 30″(W) x 24″(H) x 4.6″(D)

Raised Trailer Dimensions: 54″(W) x 84″(L) x 100″(H)

Lowered Trailer Dimensions: 54″(W) x 84″(L) x 64″(H)

Work Zone Trailer with VCalm®L26 Sign

VCalm®TWZ-L26 Work Zone Trailer (Orange)

Letters: 8″ MUTCD

Numerals: 26″(H)

Sign Dimensions: 36″(W) x 48″(H)

Sign Enclosure: 36″(W) x 32″(H) x 4.6″(D)

Raised Trailer Dimensions: 54″(W) x 84″(L) x 120″(H)

Lowered Trailer Dimensions: 54″(W) x 84″(L) x 72″(H)


Heavy-Duty 11-Gauge (0.090") Continuous Formed Aluminum Enclosure


Sign Folds Down for Easy Transport and Storage


Quick and Easy Deployment


Light Weight and Small Footprint


Three Swing-Down Adjustable Leveling Jacks

Frame Construction: 2" Steel Square Tube

Wheels (x2): 13" Four-Stud Rim (White)

Jack Stands (x3): 2000lb 12" Retractable

Hitch Receiver: 2" with Removable Tongue

Hitch Type: 2" Class II Ball Coupler

Tail Lights: 6-Way Standard Male Plug

Power: 12V DC

Base Weight*: 500lb

*Size and Weight May Vary Depending on Model


  • K Band (24.159 GHz)
  • FCC Compliant (no license required)
  • Low Power (<2 Watt)
  • ±1MPH Accuracy

Solar System:

  • 105Ah Battery (x4)
  • 250 Wall Solar Panel

Trailer Color:

Selected Model:

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