VCalm® Specialized Accessories

by Fortel Traffic, Inc.

VCalm®ECO: Air Quality Monitor

Now your VCalm® sign can analyze both traffic and ambient air quality! Adding this unit to any VCalm® unit will allow you to monitor air quality in real-time or have it archived for future analysis.

  • Using an excimer lamp the aerosol flow is exposed to UV radiation. The excimer lamp offers a high intensity, narrowband source of UV radiation. The wavelength of the light is chosen such that only the carbon aerosols are ionized, while gas molecules and non-carbon aerosols remain neutral.
  • The carbon aerosol particles emit electrons, which are subsequently removed when an electric field is applied.
  • The remaining positively charged particles are collected on a filter inside an electrometer, where the charge is measured. The resulting electric current establishes a signal, which is proportional to the concentration of Elemental Carbon and/ or PAH.

Laser Sensor

Adding a Laser Speed Sensor to your VCalm® gives pintpoint accuracy for speed and count data and the ability to focus on a single lane of travel.

  • Class 1 Laser Speed Sensor
  • 50′ to 100′ Range
  • ±1MPH Accuracy
  • 125PPS Pulse Rate
  • FCC Compliant, No License Required

TLM: Portable Traffic Light Degradation Meter

Fortel Traffic’s TLM is a traffic light meter calibrated for measuring luminous intensity and photometric brightness of red, yellow, and green LED traffic balls and arrows.

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