VCalm® Road and Pedestrian Safety

by Fortel Traffic, Inc.

VCalm®FB2 Flashing Beacon


Flashing Beacon

The Fortel Traffic Flashing Beacon system is used in school zones and other areas where traffic must be slowed down at specific times of day.

VCalm®RRFB Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacon


Rectangular Rapid-Flashing Beacon

Fortel Traffic’s VCalm®RRFB is a low-cost, user-actuated, powerful pedestrian crossing alert rapid-flashing beacon system.


VCalm® BumbleBee™

Pedestrian Push Button

Each pedestrian push button unit is virtually indestructible, completely self-powered, maintenance-free, and constructed of highly durable, corrosion-proof materials that are chip- and crack-resistant even under heavy impact.



Advanced Warning Crosswalk System

Fortel Traffic’s self-contained solar-powered SafeXing™ system provides advanced warning to drivers when there are pedestrians in an upcoming crosswalk.



Next Walk In Sign

Fortel Traffic’s VCalm®NWI™ is a revolutionary device designed to work in conjunction with signalized intersections to display when the next pedestrian walk phase will begin.

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