LED Traffic Alert Extinguishable Message Sign

by Fortel Traffic, Inc.

Fortel Traffic’s VCalm®EMS is a powerful extinguishable (blank-out) message sign with two remote-selectable display messages, allowing for single- or dual-phase messages. The VCalm®EMS can be used for emergency or traffic alerts, informative messages, and many other notifications. The VCalm®EMS can be configured with radar speed sensing and triggering options for data collection or traffic calming.


Brightest Display

VCalm® utilizes high-volume high-intensity tightly clustered LEDs to maintain the highest visibility possible. This proven method of authoritative message presentation demands driver’s attention, making it the most effective traffic calming sign on the market.

Automated Management

The web-based software will automatically download vehicle speed data, update configuration and firmware changes, and generate and email speed study reports.

Removeable Data Storage

Nearly unlimited speed data storage capacity available on removable SD card.

Strongest Construction

VCalm® maintains superior construction and durability with high quality components and no moving parts. The design meets the NEMA-3R specifications, and many of the VCalm® signs have withstood severe conditions, including hurricanes, fires, and extreme temperatures. VCalm® has consistently proven to be the longest lasting speed sign in the industry.

Ultimate Traffic Data Acquisition

VCalm®ITS logs and timestamps the first, last, fastest, and slowest speed for each vehicle to support the most thorough analysis on individual and collective driver behavior.

Lowest Power Consumption

VCalm® uses proprietary PWMS™ LED technology that consumes 50% less power than common LED devices. This provides exceptional autonomy for solar/battery installations.

Expandable Functionality

Trigger custom messages or alerts from external inputs like pedestrian push buttons, temperature sensors, etc. VCalm®ITS also supports full flashing beacon control.

Driver Feedback Modes

Trigger messages using optional internal radar input with user-definable vehicle speed thresholds.

Extinguishable Message Capability

VCalm®EMS signs can switch between single- or dual-phase messages and an extinguished, or darkened, mode.

made in USA


Select Model:

Dimensions: 30″(W) x 36″(H) x 5″(D)

Characters / Symbols: 3″ to 18″

Display: Fixed LED array, alphanumeric characters and/or symbols; MUTCD standard or custom messages

LED: Ultra High-Intensity Narrow-Single SMT LEDs

Available LED Colors:

  • Amber
  • Green
  • Red
  • White

Power: 120V-240V AC

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Dimensions: 96″(W) x 48″(H) x 6″(D)

Characters: 10″(H) using 5×7 cluster array (custom arrangements also available)

Display: Fixed LED array with 1″ (26mm) LED clusters (8 LEDs per cluster) and automatic ambient light display dimming

LED: Ultra High-Intensity Amber (592nm) LEDs

Designed to Caltrans Specifications

Power: 120V-240V AC

Weight: 212 lb

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Heavy-Duty 11-Gauge (0.090") Continuous Formed Aluminum Enclosure


Ultra High-Intensity LEDs


UV and Impact-Resistant 3/8" Polycarbonate Lens

Available Enclosure Colors:

black interstate greenwhiteorange

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