VCalm® Product Options

by Fortel Traffic, Inc.

Wireless IP Modem

Automate data downloads and configuration changes wirelessly and eliminate the need to visit the sign physically using VSpeed™Online

  • Connection speeds up to 2.4Mbps
  • 4G and 5G cellular options
  • Send Instant Amber Alerts
  • Automatic sign reporting


Automatically adjusts date and time settings using GPS tracking of sign position

Also allows coordinates to be accessed using IP modem



    Connect to your sign to an existing WiFi infrastructure network

    • WPA Security ready


    Connect to your sign wirelessly to upload programs and download data using VSpeed™Mobile for Android smartphones and tablets

    • Up to 100ft wireless range
    • Send Instant Amber Alerts
    • Verify Sign Programming
    • Sync sign data with Vspeed™Online using the mobile device’s Internet connection


    Radar sensor adds Traffic Data Acquisition System (TDAS) capability and driver-feedback capability. TDAS enables peak- and low-speed recording, allowing percentile calculations for vehicles in the zone.

    • Up to 1200ft range
    • K Band (24.150 GHz)
    • FCC Compliant, no license required
    • Low power
    • Traffic Data Acquisition System (TDAS)

    Ground-Level Access

    Adding a Drop-down Box allows for easy access to sign programming without the use of ladders, buckets, or platform trucks.

    • 10 feet of armored, weatherproof flex conduit
    • Corrosion-proof, weather-tight Pelican lock box

    Wireless Alert System

    A wireless alert system is ideal for improving the safety of various situations and has up to a 2-mile range (depending on antennae used).

    • Alert construction workers of unsafe drivers entering the construction zone.
    • Give advanced warning to vehicles when pedestrians are crossing a nearby crosswalk
    • Warn children of unsafe drivers in school zones

    Automatic Dimming

    Optimizes the VCalm®’s display visibility by adjusting LED brightness according to ambient light conditions with the photo diode upgrade. Ambient light conditions are also logged to allow accurate diagnosis of solar outages.

    Automatic Dimming

    Strobes, Flashers, and Sirens

    Force speed reduction by simulating law enforcement flashers, sirens, or photo radar


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