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VCalm® Traffic Calming Signs

VCalm® Traffic Calming Signs by Fortel Traffic, Inc. include our signature Variable Message Signs (VMS) and more in various sizes.

Rekor Edge

VCalm® Intelligent Sensors

VCalm® Intelligent Sensors by Fortel Traffic, Inc. include ALPR software and other vehicle recognition products.

Interstate Traffic Sign

VCalm® Message Signs

VCalm® Message Signs by Fortel Traffic, Inc. are the most versatile message signs available, configurable as driver-feedback and/or changeable message signs (CMS)

Interstate Traffic Sign

VCalm® Pedestrian Safety

VCalm® Pedestrian Safety products are used in school zones and other walking areas where traffic must be slowed down, even at specific times of the day.

Interstate Traffic Sign

VCalm® Trailers

VCalm® Trailers are powerful traffic calming speed feedback sign or message board with the added versatility of a small trailer that provides a simple way for a single operator to relocate the sign.

Interstate Traffic Sign

Pocket Radar™

Pocket Radar™ is a pocket-sized basic speed radar gun for use when measuring anything in motion for over 1 second.

VCalm® Solar Power Package

VCalm® Accessories

VCalm® Accessories include solar packages, wireless IP modems, GPS, wifi, Bluetooth, wireless alert system, strobes, sirens, and more.


VCalm® Specialized Accessories

VCalm® Specialized Accessories are built for specialized applications such as monitoring air quality, measuring LED light degradation, and more.


VCalm® Legacy Products

VCalm® Legacy Products include former products, older models and styles, and uncommon or custom designs.

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